Monitoring and Evaluation Homework Answers

Monitoring and Evaluation Assignment Answers

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An idea about Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is the process by which the businesses keep an eye on the important activities and it helps in improvising the overall performance and to achieve the desired results on time. Monitoring and evaluation techniques are used for assessing the performance of various decisions, programs, projects etc. and it is only through this process that corrective actions can be taken on time.

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The significance of Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is basically keeping an eye over the activity when it is at its implementation stage. Thus, monitoring provides an idea about the complete progress of a particular activity. Evaluation is like an examination process where the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance as well as overall impact of activities is done. Evaluation must be done in an objective and systematic manner so that impartial information is delivered.

Without the fundamental process of monitoring and evaluation an organization cannot know that whether it is moving in the right direction or not. It also helps in fixing responsibilities and ensuring accountability. Through monitoring and evaluation the organizations can compare two sets of information and also previous year data with current year data.

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