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Momentum is a term used in the discipline of Physics, and basically, it is the quantity of motion which an object holds. If you are finding any object in motion, then it will have momentum. It is mass in motion.

The Momentum assignment answers will help you in understanding its dependency on two variables. First one is the way object is moving. Another one is what speed object is moving. Thus, one can say that velocity and mass are the variables which affect the momentum of the object.

The formula for calculating momentum:

Momentum= mass * velocity

p= m * v

The symbols used in the formula for the calculation of momentum are as follows:

p= it represents momentum

m= it represents mass

v= it represents velocity

As you can see the formula, you can observe that momentum of an object is directly proportional to the mass of the object. Likewise, the momentum of an object is directly proportional velocity of the object.

The Momentum homework answers will help you in understanding the standard metric unit for momentum. Kilogram m/s is the standard metric unit for it.

The will help you in understanding the concept of scalar and vector quantity. Our team of experts will let you understand how momentum comes under the category of vector quantity and fully describe the magnitude as well as the direction of momentum.

If an object possesses larger momentum, then the velocity of the object and the mass of the object will be larger. If any of the objects are at rest, then it will not have any momentum. The momentum is zero for the object at rest. As the mass in the motion of the object is zero, therefore momentum will be zero.

How does it work?

The Momentum assignment answers will clear your concept that how changes in any one of the variable can affect the change in momentum. If anyone of the variables has the slight change, then the momentum of moving object will also have change.

Now, try to calculate the momentum of the 50-kg halfback is moving eastward at 10 m/s.

P= 50X9= 500 kg m/s east

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