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What is Modigliani and Miller: The Formal Way?

The Modigliani-Miller theorem (M&M) mentions that the market worth of a firm is calculated by its underlying asset risk as well as its earning power. The market value does not depend on any way how the company distributes its dividends or funds its investments.

MM Model is associated with the development of an easy capital structure that yields optimal returns for the firm and reduces its capital costs. The model was put forward by Modigliani and Miller and serves as a foundation for the modern capital structure theories.

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Why is it Important?

The financial security in a perfect market does not go through any decrements or increments. The Modigliani and Miller mainly emphasized on the fact that the entire financial security or value of a specific firm stays unaltered in a perfect market. The theorem stays true regardless of how a specific company has gathered its finances.

Modigliani and Miller used various analogies to prove their theorem. The analogies have played a significant part in explaining all such concepts. They mentioned that the equation would gather more complexity if the worth of a specific business depends on how it is funded, as there are no such actual cases in real life situations. The two assumed a number of aspects while putting these propositions forward.

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