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For a successful career as Finance Manager or Executive, having a clear concept of every single topic of Finance studies is a must. Amongst the many topics that a Finance student must understand well, the Modigliani and Miller Theorem requires special mention.

However, students often face problem with this topic. This has a direct impact on their performance and examination results. In order to help students to complete their homework, assignments and projects on this topic, we at have come up with a solution. Our Modigliani and Miller – The Informal Way Homework Help services are designed to help you in a way that you get answers to all your queries.

We Explain Modigliani and Miller Theorem in Details:

As a team of skilled and professional academicians, we have seen students facing a lot of problems in understanding how this theorem works. So, we always explain the basics in details. Our aim is not only to help you in completing your project on time, but also clarify your doubts, so that you can score well in your exams.

In all of our Modigliani and Miller – The Informal Way Assignment Help services, we explain how this theorem argues about the relationship amongst –

  • Capital structure of a company
  • Cost of capital of a company
  • Total value of the company.

As per this theorem, there are two factors that contribute in the calculation of the market value of a company. These include – risk of the underlying assets of a company and the earning power of the company. However, the market value of that company has no dependency on how the company distributes dividends and finances investments.

Understand how it Works:

To make it easy for you to understand how this theorem works, we break down the theorem in our Modigliani and Miller – The Informal Way Homework Help services. Each one of our academic support or project help services clearly describes the three methods that are used for this theorem. These are –

  1. Borrowing
  2. Straight Insurances of Shares
  3. Spending Profits.

Basics and Key Assumptions:

While solving any Finance problem with the help of this theorem, it is a must that you understand that this theorem is based on a few assumptions. Our Modigliani and Miller – The Informal Way Assignment Help services describe and discuss on these assumptions in details. They are –

  • No taxes
  • No bankruptcy costs
  • No transaction costs
  • Equivalence in borrowing costs (valid for investors as well as companies)
  • No effect of debt on a company’s earnings (before the calculation of taxes and interest)
  • Symmetry of market information.

But, in real worlds, all these things do exist and hence, the Modigliani and Miller Theorem works only based on assumptions.

Hire Us for Best Academic Solutions:

If you have a very limited time and want to complete your homework on time, it is always a good idea that you hire Modigliani and Miller – The Informal Way Homework Help services from We describe how this theorem works in reality, when corporate taxes are factored. Save your vital time in learning the topic well and hire us to do the homework and submit on time.

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