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As its name suggests you, modified internal rate of return abbreviated as MIRR is nothing but a modification in internal rate of return or IRR, imposing certain extra conditions to do away with some of its drawbacks. It is certainly not a very easy topicto deal with. It involves enormous amount of complex calculations and hence very tricky. Almost every student requires ourmodified internal rate of return assignment help. They are all welcome!

The main problems with IRR that MIRR can solve effectively are:

  • Ideas of IRR are often applied in wrong places with unrealistic assumptions like interim positive cash flows being reinvested at the same rate of return as that in the project that generated them. But there is no scope of such misapplication of MIRR.
  • Another drawback of IRR is that there can be more than one IRR even in a single project causing confusions. No such ambiguity resides with MIRR as only one MIRR can be found form a project.

Though some problems of IRR is solved by it, yet MIRR is a tough concept to grasp and whenever you need modified internal rate of return homework help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Details of MIRR –

As told to you earlier, MIRR involves complicated calculations and excellent computational skills are required to dowell in thistopic. Such skills can be expected in mathematics students, but it would be too much to ask for from finance students. So, finance students who need our modified internal rate of return assignment help, please waste no time in contacting us online at myhomeworkhelp.com.

The twomajor factors that you need to now before you can calculate MIRR are given as below:

  • Present value or PV which depends on negative cash flows and finance rate
  • Future value or FV which is a function of positive cash flows and reinvestment rate
  • Number of equal periods after each of which cash flow occurs, termed as n.

The formula to calculate MIRR is:

MIRR = {FV/ (-PV)} 1/n– 1

Now, perhaps it is evident how much calculations are involved in this topic. Finding out FV and PV from all it factors is not a piece of cake. So, if you are in need of modified internal rate of return homework help from us, it is nothing unusual.

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