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  • Macroeconomics –

It is considered to study all the performances in a country as a whole and its long run effects. This happens as in every country there is rate of inflation, rate of unemployment, growth rate that changes rapidly and also every country engages in international trade businesses. By evaluating all the mentioned factors in a country, it will finally reflect all relative failure and success of policy that any Government has undertaken.

  • Concept of value addition –

It will simply mean all improvement that a company has in its services and goods before it is being offered to customers. It is basically used when a firm is modeling itself and its products and services, to that they either already has or it is different from other company. During this phase of remodeling, all the improved versions of services that a firm produces has an add-on value in the eyes of a customer. With this change, there can be a potential change of all such products also, that a company offers.

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