Mobile Phone Assignment: Working and Essential Features

A mobile phone is such an integral part of our life today that every child knows every knitty-gritty detail about operating a mobile phone. They have taken communication to a whole new level of advancement and researchers and developers are working day in and day out to bring about greater modifications. Technological advancements have touched the zenith of success as far as this one invention is concerned.

A mobile phone is not only used for making calls anymore but for several other purposes. The texting feature of mobile phones have almost done away with the need for sending letters and with the access it provides to the World wide web, a whole new world of possibilities open up.

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Workings of a mobile phone:

While every ordinary man gets to enjoy the privileges, the engineers and developers are straining their brains to come up with new inventions and ideas. Every electrical engineering student must find it very intriguing to learn about the working of a mobile phone. The mobile phone uses a radio frequency carrier for communication while the user is moving within a given service area.

The radio frequency offers link to the mobile phone operator which in turn gives access to the public switched telephone network. Today, mobile phones come with all general computing facilities and such phones are popularly known as the Smartphones.

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Parts of a mobile phone:

The manufacturers are always trying to add newer and better features to their products to make them stand out. However, features that are common and essential in every mobile phone are:

  • The source of power, a rechargeable battery.
  • An input mechanism which might be a keypad or a touch screen.
  • A display screen to communicate all kinds of information.
  • Connection to the server that enables phone call, text messages, internet facilities and other amenities.
  • A SIM card, which might be GSM or CDMA.
  • Every phone comes with an International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

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