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Why analysis of ratio is so important?

Accounting data when expressed in relation to other data it deliver significant information to the decoder. Actually Accounting ratios are counted or calculated in order to get a relationship between two or more Accounting data those are expressed in mathematical terms. It is important to mention that learners having difficulty with this topic can take Mixed or Composite Ratio homework help from us.

Types of ratios in financial accounting

Basically there are different kinds of ratios available like:

  • Revenue statement ratio
  • Balance sheet ratio
  • Mixed or Composite ratio

In this post we will discuss about Mixed and Composite ratio and if the learners are looking for more and in depth information about these ratios then we are always there to help them through our Mixed or Composite Ratio assignment help.

What is Mixed or Composite Ratios?

These types of ratios are calculated by using the items of both balance sheet and income statement that too for the same period. Therefore these ratios are called either mixed or composite ratios. They are basically computed based on the requirement of the accountant or data analyst. Examples of these ratios are mentioned below:

  • Accounts payable turnover ratio
  • Receivables turnover ratio
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Working capital turnover ratio
  • Return of net worth ratio
  • Fixed assets turnover ratio
  • Return on investment ratio
  • Return on Equity ratio
  • Total Assets Turnover Ratio
  • Stock turnover ratio

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Advantages of ratio Analysis:

  • It helps in planning
  • Helps in taking investment related decisions
  • It simplifies financial statements
  • It also facilitates inter-firm comparison

Thus it is said that analysis of ratio is really very important for all the learners pursuing in this filed and even for the organisations also.

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