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Biology as a natural science focuses on cells and their structural appearances to help students find out many important aspects on living organisms. Each cell and growth to the limit of evolution can be studied separately from different divisions of biology. But they are connected by many similar concepts that are counted as general knowledge on the whole. You will find from Microscopes and Cells Homework Help that gene and hereditary facts of any species is also found through study of cells. For strong perception you must visit our website

Defining cells and its types:

Cells are described as the foundation of any living organism. This is called a structural base that performs multiple functions in multiple levels. This is no doubt the smallest matter of every living being. You will find from Microscopes and Cells Homework Help that cells are built with mainly proteins.

 In this context we must inform you about Robert Hooke who made this discovery of cells in the year of 1665. It is proved that cells have hereditary information that flows naturally to its next generations. Oldest history of cells is related to Earth of 3.5 billion years’ ago.

Cells are divided into two groups.

  • Eukaryotic
  • Prokaryotic

Basic difference in between these two types is located by possessing a nucleus as explained in Microscopes and Cells Homework Help. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus. There is also another worthwhile difference between them. Eukaryotic cells are either single cells or multi-cells. But Prokaryotic cells are always single cells.

Microscope and different types:

The applications of microscope are particularly made for those matters that are not visible or too small to be visible in the eyes. In this way all those objects that are defined as microscopic are basically those matters that are only visible after seeing them through a microscope. You will find from Microscopes and Cells Assignment Help that there are types of microscopes.

  • Optical microscope
  • Electron Microscope
  • Ultra-microscope
  • Scanning probe microscope.

You will find these types have different groups of microscopes that are useful in their particular place of actions. Optical microscope uses light for viewing the matter.

In electron Microscope you will notice types like:

  • Scanning electron microscope or SEM for short.
  • Transmission electron Microscope or TEM for short.
  • And Hybrid electron microscope which is actually a collaboration of both SEM and TEM.

Actually when you will try doing research on cells of living organism you must use a microscope for seeing their actual structural and functional features. You can prepare chart to indicate their functions and also record them for later. But if you want to move onto a greater applications and through study then come find us at We will guide you with best Microscopes and Cells Assignment Help.

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