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In terms of statistics, median, mean, and mode are three major modes of calculating the averages of a range of values. Students are most likely to encounter these in their statistics papers. The knowledge of solving for the median of a set of data is necessary to frame Median homework answers correctly.

The median of a list of values is used to find the positional average of those values. Median is known as a positional average since it is calculated in accordance with its spot in the column of the series of values given. In simpler terms median is the mathematical technique to obtain the middle value of a series of data.

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Correct method of evaluating Median of a range of values

A standard formula for calculating the median of a list of data is mentioned below-

Median = {(n + 1) / 2}

Here, “n” is the number of values present in the mentioned range. This formula is widely used by students to solve for the median of a range consisting of an odd number of values. The method is somewhat different when there are even numbers of values in a list. It may also happen that students might forget this formula and that might lead to the loss of valuable scores. This is why an alternate method to solve the median is specified as follows-

Step I– Arrange the given range of numbers in the ascending order.

Step II– For a set containing even numbers of values the pair of middle values is considered whereas for an odd range the median can be simply obtained by finding the middle number.

Step III– For the even set the pair of central values are added and the sum is divided by two to calculate the median.

This procedure is highly effective when it comes to convenience and students can easily recall it during exams.

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