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An Outline of Mechanism of Fatigue Failure
The deterioration of different materials affected by frequently used loads is known as Fatigue in material science. This subject is taught in material science as well as biological science. Living things and non-Living things both can get affected by fatigue. The cracks are formed at the stress concentrators when load exceeds verge of material. The continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles are known as Fatigue in biological science. Fatigue can be of many types; some of them are:

  • Mental
  • Bending
  • Muscular

For example, when we continuously do exercise for a long time, we get fatigue. But as soon as we take rest and refresh ourselves, we get more energized and thus there is a failure of fatigue. It is known as a mechanism of fatigue failure. The advantage of such a mechanism is that it increases the flexibility of the body plus gets the muscles stronger.

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