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What is measure?

  • Measure means to monitor and evaluate assets and then to use the results effectively
  • Evaluation means a cooperative agreement that works together around the world that hosts different programs to discuss different population and health issues
  • It is a component that operates as a partner with Future Group International
  • This measure partnership is able to provide some technical leadership
  • It helps all the developing countries to collect and identify the data
  • They use this data to make some important decisions regarding health

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How does measure works?

  • It works very closely with USAID
  • It works together to improve analysis, presentation of data and collecting data
  • It uses all these data in managing, planning, policy making, evaluating population, monitoring, nutrition programs and in health
  • As a result, it improves the important decision making processes regarding health systems and services

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Let us discuss about the growth of measure in recent years:

  • To ensure correct accountability a drastic change in demand for high quality products has come into being.
  • There is a great demand in increasing the health information through HIS and M&E.
  • There is also an emergency requirement to improve the systems at all levels.
  • It will in turn help to improve the global health related decision making.

What is monitor?

  • It refers to a monthly update
  • It is sent through emails
  • Each and every new details are mentioned in the measure evaluation

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