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Measurement uncertainty means the value of quantities are not certain. The values are dispersed so it is not possible to measure them certainly. Hence, they give us imperfect information about the result. It is evident internationally that it provides incomplete result in measuring the quantity on the basis of probability.

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Little bit more about the subject

Ideally measurements are always perfect, for an example in mathematical problems we can find that the length of a rectangular field is exactly 10 meters, and the mass of an iron block is perfectly 5 kilogram but virtually, it is not possible every time in this real world due to some limitations of measuring device.

In real life, we can find the length of a field in between 9.55 to 9.59 meters in the scales. So it may be any length of 9.56/ 9.57/9.58 meters. Hence, in the reality exactly perfect measurement is not possible everytime.This imperfection in measuring is known as measurementuncertainty. In the field of physics, students always take this plus or minus uncertain amount at the time of measurement the common formula is

The measured value amount +/-   uncertain value amount= exact value amount.

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It is really difficult to determine the uncertainty. It depends on several reasons they are:

  • Measuring tools – The result differs if you use a simple tool or a digital tool for the same measurement.
  • Temperature – Result changes with the changes of temperature.
  • Atmosphere – If you are working in a scientific laboratory where the modern equipment are used then amounts of uncertainty are lesser. But if it is a manual lab with very simple tools then they are higher.

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