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Understand the Proper Order of Measurement Significant Figures from Our Qualified Subject Teachers

Number has a great importance in the field of science. It is important for calculations. Numbers consist of digits or figuresit may be one digit number or more, may be decimal number but which are used in calculation and are reliable, consider as significant figures. If it is said that ‘5’ boys are playing, then one significant figure is there.  If ‘50’ students, then two figures and for `55.7’ kg weight three figures are.To learn about these topics properly you should click on for its measurement significant figures assignment help.

Measuring devices

In laboratory these numbers are measured by several tools or instruments viz.

  • Ruler
  • Buret
  • Balance
  • Thermometer

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We have many rules for measuring significant figures such as the entire reliable non- zero digits are considered as mentioned figures. For example, in the number 75, two figures 7 and 5and in 66.3, 6, 6 and 3 are the three significant figures. The other most important rules among them are:

Rules of zero

  • Zero in between two whole figures is significant, as example 205, 604 both the zero are significant as they contribute in calculation.
  • Leading zero is not play a role in measurement so it is not consider as mentioned figure viz. 008,in this number ‘8’ is the  only figure.
  • Trailing zero after decimal number contributes in measurement so it is a mentioned figure such as 123 .40 , here figures 1,2,3,4 and 0 but zero at the end of a hole number may be  and  may not be such number.

Rules of rounding off 

Any numeric number having decimal point can be rounded of in the following manner

  • If the digit after the decimal is less than 5(five), then just eliminate it e.g. 416..4 = 416
  • If the digit after the decimal is greater than 5 (five) then the preceding figure increase by 1 and eliminate the digit after decimal e.g. 416.8 = 417
  • If the digit after the decimal is equal 5(five),followed by non- zero whole figure then preceding figure increase by 1 e.g. 416.53 =417

Except these many other important rules are there for measuring these type of number such as

  • Rules of multiplication
  • Rules of division
  • Rules of addition
  • Rules of subtraction

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