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Students who are studying accountancy have an opportunity to learn about many different topics which will help them in their career in the future. But if you want to fully enjoy the advantage which comes with a clear concept of all these topics, you first need to have a clear concept of the subject of accountancy. So, if you are struggling with meaning and purpose of accountancy, then it is suggested that you immediately come to us and let us guide you in the right direction. We are, and we want to introduce our team of expert, Meaning and Purpose Homework Help team.  Our team members are there to help out every student who comes to us with a need for clear understanding of the topic of Meaning and Purpose.

About Meaning and Purpose of Accountancy

  • Meaning of Accountancy as explained by our team of expert:

Are you familiar with the fact that Accounting is a process? Yes, this is true. In your educational institution you will learn that accounting is that process which is involved in measuring, identifying and also communicating information related to economy which helps in informed judgement as well as decision by that person who will be the user of the information.

  • Purpose of Accountancy also explained by our team:

Our Meaning and Purpose Assignment Help team has also discussed some purposes which are considered as tough to understand by most students. Some of the purposes of accountancy are as follows:

  • Cash will be maintained with the help of Cash Book and at the end of each day the cash balance will be ascertained and recorded in this Book.
  • Along with Cash Book, different types of Journal will also be maintained to be informative about the daily transactions.
  • To be informative about the profit and loss or income and expenses, different Ledgers will be maintained. Information recorded in the Ledger will be used for working on different Financial Statements.
  • These are just a few ones. Besides these, there are plenty which a student has to learn and do homework or assignment on.

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