Mcgraw Hill Connect Financial Accounting Answers Chapter 3

The Financial Accounting Issues Faced By Mcgraw Hill Connect Students 

The measures adapted by Financial Accounting have helped the countries to organize their trade. Trade has become much more complex and global and for this reason the Financial accounting industry has faced a lot of problems.

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Problems that Financial Accounting students face

Understanding the concept of Valuation

Financial Accounting is mainly based on valuation of historical assets and liabilities. There are some assets whose value is reduced with time. However actual value of assets and liabilities may differ from the actual value of assets and liabilities.

So traditional financial statements are often considered to be a poor indicator of actual worth of the company. This is especially true for equity and land investments. The value of these investments rises much higher than the value depicted in book of accounts. International accounting standards are trying to move closer to the actual market value.

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Financial Instruments

Financing agreements include certain assets that actually do not have any existence in the real world. The complexity of these financial statements often makes valuing very difficult. This makes it easier for organization to manipulate different values of financial instruments.

Many countries are trying to deal with these issues. But financial instruments are becoming more and more complex.

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Non-Financial Measures

There are certain non-financial measures that decide whether a company will have a successful future. These benchmarks are not always financial. Some of these benchmarks include the customer opinions and company reputation. For all such benchmarks developing a proper measurement standard becomes very difficult. This is one of the most pervasive challenges that you might face in Financial Accounting.

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