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What is mass transit?
Mass transit is the concept of mass transportation systems that function to ease out the traffic in urban spaces or areas. They (mass transportation systems) basically include transportation vehicles and structures made to carry traffic like subways and foot bridges. Civil engineers are made to construct all these and mass transit happens to be an integral topic of civil engineering especially for students who opt for traffic engineering as their specialization. Traffic engineering involves detailed study of conceptualization, design and construction of the structures that help mass transit!

From railways to trams to metros to subways to footbridges, a mass transit engineer knows how to build such systems. If you too need Mass Transit Homework Help along similar lines, My Homework help is there to guide you!

Why we need mass transit??
We need detailed study to allow our roads become less susceptible to traffic and find answers to effective crowd management. With the booming rise of population in almost every part of the world, mobilizing the masses to reach destinations in time is a tough task. This is where a civil engineer with specialization in mass transit steps in.

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