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An organization needs to understand the market and its criteria do well. So for that, it is divided into various segments for understanding it well. Market criteria homework help experts make sure that students have adequate information on this so that it is not a problem for them to finish their work. Students often confuse it and submit a work which has many parts missing. Here these criteria for segmentation are discussed below.

Measurable criteria

The profit, size and various other characteristics of a segment should be measured, and data should be obtained. Determining values of variables which are needed for segmentation is possible with appropriate efforts. This is crucial especially for geographical and demographic variables. For a company which has direct sales (no middle-man is involved), will have a customer database which will provide vital information on purchasing pattern.

Accessible norm

The segment should be servable and available for the company which means customer segments should be decided on the fact that they are available for different target groups. For example, certain advertising media like websites or magazines which the targeted consumers use. For more example and detailed explanation visit


The profit and size of a potential market segment should be substantial so that it is economically justifiable for separate activities for marketing for this particular section. If the segment’s size is small, then no justification will be available for cost related to marketing activities.

Substantial rule

A segment must be significant so that required returns will generate. Activities associated with portions of small size will provide a negative or biased result. To get various other materials on this order our market criteria homework help and you will be given everything you need for your assignment.

Differentiable or distinguishable

The segments should be diverse. It should be diverse to the point where it will portray different reactions when different kinds of marketing mixes occur. If it does not portray different reactions when different combinations of marketing occur, then there is no meaning to break it up into various segments.

Congruous criteria

The characteristics and need for every segment should be similar, or else segmentation’s main objective will not fulfill. If customers’ behavior within one segment is different, then a strategy of unique marketing will not take place. This will then have another segmentation. Order market criteria assignment help for getting all the assistance you need from us.

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