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Many Factors of Intertemporal Choice That Students Must Note for Conceptual Clarity!

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

Intertemporal Choice Homework Answers

People make a choice about decision making, and the study is termed as Intertemporal Choice. The study is expected to benefit many segments of economics and would help business companies to understand the purchase decisions. It is always believed that economy would gain during the course of time and Intertemporal Choice plays a big factor in that.
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Many assumptions about intertemporal choice
There are assumptions that people always depend on the represent income when making a choice. Many think that people make a choice based on the past data and they consider future when making a choice. The reality is stark different on each people. Many people think differently when it comes to saving their hard earned money.
The borrowing concept would be a factor when making choices for household consumption. Many business companies into household consumption have felt that people tend to buy household items based on the amount that they can go above board or the income in which they are getting. A manual, intertemporal choice homework answers are of real help in this regard.
Assume that a person named ‘Y’ got a $25 from the roadside and there was no one near to the person. The person thought to himself that this is the same amount of money that comes after doing three hours of work and the person can take the money and then decide what to do next. Some people think that it is better to enjoy with the money received and some people think that it is a sin to enjoy that money.
There are occasions in which high-income families have the income to start savings, and they start savings from an earlier time. There are times when many households struggle to make both ends meet, and they do not have the money to start saving, and that can affect their future.
There are occasions in which lower household income people were thinking to forgo something from their daily life and start saving, and there are occasions in which high-income families may think to indulge in some extravaganza and think of saving at a later stage. This choice making is related to Intertemporal Choice.
The Intertemporal choice model is used in business economics when companies think of a situation when people start stock piling foreseeing some price raise in future, and there would be less price sensitive consumers who would not bother about price rise.
Intertemporal choice model is also seen when young people join for a job. There would be confusion on their minds when to start saving so that they can have a safe retire life. The companies’ has started making sure that they enroll the young people on savings scheme right when they join for a job.
Many economists have started arguing that there is a concept of mental accounting that needs to be taken into place when looking into an intertemporal choice. The reason is that economists argue that a person can decide to spend money on something if he or she is under age, and this decision would not have taken place if the person is in a calm state of mind.
A person may decide not to invest in savings if they feel that they need to purchase something to just boast off to neighbors and others.
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