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For achieving better brand awareness and improved brand image, companies are required to develop strategies. A key element for doing so is through communication, which may be achieved through sales, advertising, direct marketing, public relation exercise, promotion and also interactive marketing. As far as students are concerned, assignments on Integrated Marketing Communications are very common. Availing our managing the integrated marketing communications process assignment help can turn out to be fruitful for you.

Importance of establishing communication channel

Establishing communication channel is important for companies since it not only helps in retaining existing customers, but also plays a role in winning new customers. It is not just the customers for whom the communication channel needs to be established, but also the stakeholders.

Two-way communication

The process of communication should never be one way. Companies should always try to develop communication network through which not only can the company reach the customers, but even the customers can communicate effectively with the companies. All this and more will be discussed when you hire our managing the integrated marketing communications process homework help.

Technology has been helpful

With the advent of technology, several avenues have opened for carrying our communication in an effective manner. As far as the more conventional tools are concerned, companies have newspaper, radio, billboards, television and telephones. They also the relatively modern tools like wireless devices, emails and of course the Internet. Not only has technology made the process of communication much faster, but also reduced overall cost.

Elements of communication process

With our managing the integrated marketing communications process assignment help, you will learn that the communication process is made up of nine elements. The sender and receiver, i.e., the company and customer respectively, are two of those elements. Then, there are four primary communication functions- decoding, encoding, feedback and response. Noise serves as the last element, which refers to any interference that disrupts the message clarity.

Senders have to encode the message according to target audience and utilize the appropriate media. On the other hand, receiver decodes message and then responds by sending a feedback to company. Senders with more experience are capable of achieving effective response from their messages. Having said that, there might not be the required effect of the message if:

  • The audience chooses to ignore message since it doesn’t grab their attention.
  • The audience does not associate with the message.
  • In case a previous communication had made an impact, the audience may respond positively.

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