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A company may impact the environment around us in a multiple number of ways by causing hazardous emissions, damaging land by improper waste disposal to name a few. These malpractices have led to questioning of existing business practices and calls for unprecedented changes. So, in the present scenario evaluation of environmental risks are as much part of a successful business as product design, financial management, and marketing.

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How to evaluate environmental damage?

There are various ways with the help of which assessment of environmental damage can be easily made. Some of the steps in this context include:

  1. Start by inspecting all your operations and actively engaging your employees in the process. For example, if your company produces air pollution then it is important to ensure all actions are centered not to allow emissions to leave your facility.
  2. Environmental Planning should be carried out to ensure an efficient process for waste disposal instead of on the spot decisions.
  3. Establishing clear policies outlining how the job is to be performed.

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How to Manage Environmental Costs?

Environmental management accounting is the process which focuses on identification and allocation of environmental costs. It includes:

  1. Item budget and pricing
  2. Item appraisal and
  3. Setting of realistic targets to achieve environmental protection as well as achieving profit.

Within this framework, the management of a company can use the appropriate tools based on their needs.

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Difficulties in Environmental Cost Management

  • The main challenge is associated with identification of costs and their appropriate allocation.
  • Conventional accounting practices tend to hide environmental costs making it difficult for the management.
  • Entire business processes may need restructuring taking a heavy toll on profits.
  • Volume and toxicity of emissions and their environmental damage have to determined before mitigating measures.
  • Input-output analysis (Based on the Idea that What Comes in Must Go Out or be stored) needs to be done adding an extra burden on management.

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