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What do you mean by MOT?

MOT or Management of Technology (MOT) is related with planning, development, implementation and also valuation of technological capabilities to give a right direction to accomplish the strategic as well as the operational goals of an organization. It is completely managing of technological fundamental to make the organization advantageous.

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What are the distinctive concepts used in Technology management?

The concepts used in Technology management are –

  • Technology Strategy.
  • Technology Forecasting.
  • Technology Road Mapping.
  • Technology Project Portfolio.
  • Technology Portfolio.

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What are the levels of MOT?

MOT is chiefly categorized in two different levels –

  • At National Level.
  • At Enterprise Level.

What are different sections of tasks related to MOT?

  • Innovation Management.
  • Strategic Management of Technology.
  • Technology Planning.
  • R&D Management.

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