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In all organizations except the smallest ones, when a transition takes place from formulation of a strategy to its implementation, there is a shift in responsibility. This shift takes place from strategists to functional and divisional managers and implementation problems may arise due to this shift. This is something you need to know while working on your assignments on management strategies. You can always avail management perspectives assignment help from us.

The implementation problems because of the responsibility shift particularly arises when the decisions related to the formulation of decisions are somewhat surprising to the lower level managers. Self-interests motivate employees and managers more, as compared to organizational interest, unless both coincide. Hence, it is important for functional and divisional managers to be involved in strategy formulation activities as much as possible. It is also equally important for strategists to be involved in strategy implementation activities as much as possible.

Strategy implementation related management issues

Through our management perspectives homework help, you learn about the management issues related to implementation of strategies. These include devising policies, establishing annual objectives, allocating resources, re engineering, restructuring, revising incentive and reward plans, matching strategy and managers, minimizing change resistance, altering present organizational structure, developing a culture that supports the strategy, developing a human resource function, adapting operations/production processes and downsizing if required. If the concerned strategies move the company in a significant new direction, the management changes more extensive.

Management perspectives

The employees and managers of an organization should directly participate in decisions related to strategy implementation as soon as possible. Their strategy implementation role should be built upon before they are involved in activities related to strategy formulation. The genuine commitment from strategists towards implementation is required and serves and a great motivational tool for employees and managers. Quite often, strategists are busy supporting strategy implementation efforts. The resultant lack of interest can be harmful for success of the organization.

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The strategies and objectives should be communicated clearly throughout the organization. The accomplishment of competitors along with products, actions, plans and performance should be clear to all members of the organization. Even the major external threats and opportunities should be clear. Also, all the questions of employees and managers should be answered.

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