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Major Study Problems of Students They Must Overcome

by Nov 2, 2016Assignment Help

Studying is an art, and like any other art, this too comprises of and poses various problems. Have you ever wondered why you are unable to study often? Did you ever wonder whether you are the only one suffering like this? Have you procrastinated for the nth time and regretted it later? Well, that only seems to be normal.
Like you, various other students suffer from such problems, if not the same and in order to succeed, you have to overcome such difficulties.
These difficulties have a very wide range, and any student might succumb to one or many of it with might create an obstacle to their study plans. Thus, it is imperative that they identify the problem and find out effective ways to overcome it, in order to progress further in their career.  Listed below are some of the issues that students face while studying.
Major study problems of students:

  1. Motivation

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges that the students need to overcome in order to study efficiently. Lack of motivation diverts the student’s attention to less important things and makes them cringe when they have to study. This lack of motivation can stem from a variety of problems.
It can be caused due to the stress created, the triviality of the subject to the student, anxiety about the future or the grades, the teacher who teaches the subject is not likeable, or it might be due to the fact that you are ill or not getting enough sleep. It is imperative that you find the source and rectify it to proceed with your studies.
‘Problems are not stopsigns, they are guidelines.’

  1. Technical issues

Another cause of concern for students that hinder their study plans is the presence of technical difficulties. Many students work on laptops or computers to complete their homework, or to study online.
Many do not get the appropriatebandwidth to usetheinternet and study and hence loses patience. Another problem that many encountersare the laptop often fails them and crashes without any reason which leaves the students stranded. Thus, it is advisable to keep a hard copy of the same at hand.

  1. Innumerable distractions

Distractions are the cause of many, especially if you are in college. College life comprises of a number of distractions. There’s college activities, relationships, outings, etc. which often keep students away from their studies.
Even if you are not in college, there enough distractions like video games, Television, Social media, your phone, etc. that might keep you away from your studies. Switch off all the gadgets while sitting down to study to concentrate better and make a study plan and stick to it.

  1. Concentration troubles

Concentration is of utmost importance when studying and many students lack it, especially when they try to study. Despite eliminating the distractions, you might still find it default to concentrate. You might be staring at the ceiling or the page without perceiving anything that you read.
Your mind might waver a lot which might hinder your productivity. In order to counter this, you need to clear your head before you study and look up some exercises that will increase your focus. Try and meditate if possible as this enhances your ability to focus on the work at hand.

  1. Lack of resources

The lack of resources is troubling and has the capability to restrict the learning of students. Without the right books for references, the right tools for studying, and the appropriate teacher to make you understand, it is difficult to progress with the subject.
If it the books that concern you, then visit the library or ask your teachers to recommend some for your reference and research work. Make sure that you have all the requisite stationary at hand when you sit down. Also, if you conduct your research online, make sure that your laptop is in working condition and so is your internet.

  1. Time management

Management of time is a major problem that students need to overcome in order to study. Rushing to meet deadlines, staying up late, or submitting assignments late are some of the signs of poor time management.
To manage time efficiently and study without facing any obstacles, it is imperative that you create a study plan and divide your time based upon the activities that you have to partake in during the day. This allows you to keep track of your progress and study better.

  1. Social events

The presence of social events in school and colleges are plenty. In college, you are keen to attend parties and various Festivals and so on which allow you to interact with your peers and have fun socially. While in school, there are various events like Proms, sports day, etc. which deviate you from your studies.
Though they are good once in a while, they soon develop a habit if you frequent them a lot. So, exercise self-control and concentrate on your career goals in order to overcome such obstacles.

  1. The subject itself

Many find studying a boring exercise because of the subject. The subject may not be to their liking, or they might dislike the teacher who makes them lose interest and procrastinate. Or, they might find the subject a tad bit too hard to comprehend which again make them avoid studying it entirely. During such times, patience needs to be exercisedin order to implement the study plans successfully.

  1. Procrastination

Procrastination is a delaying tactic which many students employ. They avoid studying till when it is needed and then rushes through it in order to cover the entire syllabus within a day. This results in poor grades as the answers lack depth which the teachers require to see.
Procrastination might be due to several reasons; it can be merely because the student is lazy or it might be because they got too much on their plate.

  1. Memory issues

Many suffer from poor memory which proves to be a setback while studying. A lot of subjects require great memory skills, especially if it is science subject as it is requisite to remember certain, basic formulas and terms. Many struggles with this issue but the only way to overcome this are by practicing. Practicing hones your memory skills and makes you remember better.

  1. Being the jack of all trades

Many students stretch themselves out too much. They hold jobs; they attend classes, partake in student activities like sports, debate, etc., and even attend parties and are social. This leaves behind very little time for studying and thus, often they fail to manage everything at once. Take things slow and concentrate on one thing at a time.
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While most of these problems have some solution or the other, however, that is not enough. Sometimes, due to exhaustion, or stress, or some other reason you might need some extra help to help out with your studies and in order to understand the topic in a better manner.
During such times, it is advisable that you turn to the internet and look at online educational websites that will allow you to understand things better. These websites are always available to students and explain it in simple terms so that the students can grasp the basic concept and strengthen their foundation.
So, now that you have identified your problem go to ahead and rectify it and overcome such problems to study better and acquire good grades to achieve your career goals.
“Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.”