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Macroeconomics is the study of government policies which controls and maintains balance in the economy. By doing this, the fluctuations in the market is monitored and helped to reduce. Macroeconomics studies the economy as a whole.

What is a macroeconomic model?
If you are looking for Macroeconomics Models Homework Help, first you need to understand what macroeconomic model is. It is a tool that is used to analyze the functioning of an economy in a country or region. There are different models used for this. The purposes of using macroeconomic model are:

1. To be able to specify the budget constraints for home and firms.
2. These models also specify the objective of the firms and preferences of households.
3. They predict the future by analyzing the past and present behavior.
4. They also check on the household behavioral pattern.
5. Study the pattern of demand and supply.

The basic microeconomics models are:
1. Textbook macro model
2. AS-AD model
3. Dynamic Macromodel
4. School of macroeconomic thought.

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