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Mobile commerce or M-commerce is a type of transaction which is executed using wireless handled devices like mobile phone or personal digital assistants. M-commerce is supposed to replace e-commerce in the near future. It enables consumers to access the internet without any hassle; No need to look for a space to keep the device. The upcoming marketing strategy, which uses the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), has already gained huge popularity in Europe. However, the concept is totallynew, and there is not enough information in the textbooks. Therefore, many students contact us for M-commerce marketing practices assignment help.

Services offered by M-commerce

M-commerce facilitates a huge list of services which include Mobile money transfer, Mobile ticketing, Mobile Banking, Mobile brokerage, auctions, Mobile marketing and advertising.

Mobile ticketing eliminates the need of carrying tickets while traveling. Tickets are forwarded to the user’s mobile phone which they can show to the ticket checkers.

Mobile banking enables users to access account information and make transactions through a mobile phone.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing or M-Commerce marketing means marketing through mobile devices such as cellular phones or PDAs etc. It has observed that mobile marketing campaigns give better response in comparison to traditional campaigns. Customers give prompt response to the messages sent to the mobile phone. As soon as the customers receive a marketing message or discount coupon they take the decision whether to purchase a product or not.

Several types of research have been carried out by various agencies regarding the success rate of M-marketing. Our M-commerce marketing practices assignment help experts have prepared a special note based on the analysis report of various researchers. Thus, if any student is interested to know about mobile marketing they can refer to the note.

Best M-Commerce marketing practices

Since M-Commerce Marketing is done through mobile apps, therefore, it is important for online companies to facilitate user-friendly mobile apps to the users. A user-friendly mobile app should have fewer touch events to conversions. If there are fewer numbers of stages involved to buy a product, then there is a higher possibility of conversion.

  • Sellers can remove unnecessary things from the mobile sites to optimize them.
  • Minimize the number of redirects for your mobile sites.
  • Make judicious usage of mobile display controls like zoom and pinch.
  • Like E-Commerce marketing, powerful contents are important for M-Commerce marketing as well.

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