Everything You Need to Know About Lurking or Confounding Variables

What are lurking variables?

When you go through all the lurking variables homework help you will realize that of all the components of probability, this portion is by far the easiest to understand. Lurking variables are now known as confounding variables. In a statistical model, this variable is an extraneous one, and it has both dependent and independent variables. There is what is called a spurious relationship when the estimate between a dependent and an independent variable do not coincide.

While this is the simplest of all the theories and theorems, it still requires focus and attention to understand. It does not have as many components as the other topics but it does make up a large part of probability and statistics as a whole. Any lurking variables assignment help that you find with let you know that, it all may seem overwhelming at first but once you start to understand it, it becomes really easy. Understanding the simpler topics, like lurking variables, makes it easier to understand the larger and more complicated bits.

History behind lurking variables:

Most of the lurking variables homework help you get will leave out bits of information, like the history behind it. In reality, this is a prudent step, since you will never really need to know the history. But if you understand and enjoy the history behind a certain subject, it makes the topic easier to learn. Here are some interesting historical facts you should know:

  • Confounding is derived from the medieval word ‘confundere’ which means ‘mixing’.
  • It was first used in a book called The Design of Experiments by Fisher, to indicate an error in his randomized experiments.
  • Confounding, in the modern sense, was first used by a sociologist known as L. Kish.

Apart from the above, there are many interesting facts that you find out from a number of source. Though you may not find this in any of the lurking variables assignment help that you look for, it is always wise to have background knowledge on a subject. It does help, largely, in the understanding of the way certain things work.

Types of confounding variables:

In the basic lurking variable homework help you search for, the first thing that will be mentioned are the types of confounding variables. There are three types of confounding variables that you cannot forget, under any circumstance. Those are:

  • Operational confounding variables appear in both experimental and non-experimental research designs.
  • Procedural confounding variables appear in experiments conducted in a lab, otherwise known as, quasi-experimental.
  • The last is known as person confounding and is found when analyzing two or more groups of any sort of units.

There are many details attached to these types of confounding variables. The information you find when you search for lurking variables assignment help may not always be precise or accurate. Make sure you browse through a fair number of places before settling on one source of information.

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