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Looking for a Start Up? First Know Ways to Improve Business Plan Concept

by Oct 13, 2016Assignment Help

So, you want to build a business of your own? Trying to make a business plan but failing to come up with something that would certainly convince any investor? Are you unaware of all the flaws in your business plan? Well, it’s not a surprise.
All management students who pursue business plan are budding entrepreneurs and plan to open their ownstart up sooner or later. The only problem is some are going to fail, and some are going to be successful. Where to ask for help? Well, the people who will be successful are clear about the conceptual ideas of a business plan.  They know how to write a good plan to attract investors and determine the appropriate goals for their business.
How to improve the concept of abusiness plan?
So, you must be wondering how you can improve your concept of thebusiness plan. Well, for starters you can sit down and identify the problems you have. For that, you need to read through the actual study material.
Once you have identified the problem areas ask your professors to explain it to you, if they can or look for help elsewhere. You can ask your classmates to do the same or look for tutors online. There are various websites that will help you to clear your basic conceptual doubts on business plan and help combat your problems so that you can go ahead and write a good business plan for a start-up in future.
Start-up: Realize your business dreams
Starting a new business is what every management student dreams of, of taking their companies to great heights and exposure and being the CEOs. However, the one thing that becomes an obstacle between this dreamsbeing turned into a reality is the problem of a business plan.
A business plan is an essential element of a start-up. It is like a blueprint of your little business that you are building, it states how you are going to operate, how it will be formed and how will you be successful in your endeavours and differs largely from business plans for already existing companies.
For a new start-up, a business plan exposes the chinks in your armour. It explores your possible strengths and weaknesses and allows you to minimize the weaknesses by a large margin as you want to attract investors and not drive them away.
It projects how reliable such a business is going to be and whether it will be viable or not in the market. If a business plan is well prepared, then the chances of succeeding in the business world are really high.
Create a sound strategy
A sound strategy forms the very basis of your business on which your entire future depends. So, if you professors have been critical about your strategy, then you might need to work on it and improve it. To write a sound strategy, you need to conduct a lot of research about the market you would want to go and evaluate the necessary information.
There are certain aspects that you need to look into while making up your business plan like how quickly would your start-up be operational? What re the services or products you would be concentrating on? Did you get a location? Did you check out the sector and the other industries which have a strong future? Are you financially stable or do you need investors? Highlight on these when creating your strategy.
Essential elements to improve a business plan
When you are writing a business plan, it is essential that you keep in mind a few points to help improve it and present a plan that is professional. Professionalism is something which every investor looks into while looking portfolios. There are especially 12 elements in your business plan which should be present in your presentation. They define the very structure of how you are going to build up your business. This includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Industry analysis
  • Market and competition
  • Goals
  • Your products or services
  • Marketing strategies
  • Management
  • How will it be run
  • Financial predictions
  • Financial requirements
  • Exploring the risks or explaining any possible issues

Tips to make your business plan better
There are always ways to improve your business plan to ensure that investors are interested in your business and will be ready to invest. As mentioned earlier, investors want a plan which is sound and is professional in its presentation. So, employ the tips stated below to improve your business plan and to ensure to attract their attention:

  1. Make your plan as concise and compact as possible. Investors do not have ample amount of time at their disposable, and they do not want to listen to fluff when sitting in for a presentation. So, give them their money’s worth while they read your plan.
  2. It is imperative that you be real otherwise the investors would disregard your plan immediately. Recognise the challenges and risks your business will face and instead of ignoring it, suggest ways you could possibly handle such problems.
  3. Remember the brain accepts visual presentations readily so include graphs, charts and another visual medium in your plan to make it more attractive. However, do not overuse this as many might deem it quite childish.
  4. Do not forget to be creative. Creativity is another thing which makes you stand out in the crowd and allows investors to look into your profile again.
  5. Choose the correct plan from the various types available based on your purpose.
  6. Do not forget to proofread and edit the errors. This is one of the most overlooked aspects while creating a business plan.

What should your plans be like?
To sum it up, your business plan should:

  • Be Concise, accurate and well researched and should be easily comprehensible by interested parties.
  • Be Professional in its outlook and should have the correct format.
  • Highlight on the important aspects of your business and not simply cover sections.
  • Serve as a guide for your business operations.
  • Identify the risks and challenges posed by the market and find out ways to combat such situations.

So, go ahead and start learning and clarifying your doubts about thebusiness plan from your preferred choice of help. Employ these tips to write a successful plan to start your new venture and adapt according to the market to be successful. Remember a good business plan helps you to spot these changes and be prepared to handle such situations ably. So, get working on your plans right now!
‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’