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What is logic design and why is this subject considered important?
Each and every computer understands just 2 digits: 0 and 1 and based on these 2 digits, they can perform a variety of tasks. Commonly known as binary code, all computers are based on this 2 value logic system that can denote states like “on and off” or “yes and no”.

Actually, logic design is nothing but basic organization of circuitry of computers. The computers perform calculations with the help of logic gates. There are basically 3 kinds of logic gates- “and”, “or” and “not”. You can connect these logic gates together sequentially or in parallel and construct a device that can perform basic arithmetic functions. These logic gates receive input signal and then change it to an output signal after processing it.

The knowledge about working of logic design is very important for all the students of computer science and electronics. To be successful computer architects and engineers, you must have a clear understanding about logic design and have a strong base in it.

So where do the difficulty lie?
The basic level of logic design is very easy but as you progress towards subsequent chapters, you’ll start getting confused and eventually may end up to know nothing about the subject! Understanding about the different types of flip-flops is quite confusing! Then there is sequential elements and its working.

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