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What is Literature review?

Literature review (LR) is an evaluation and analysis of available literature in a particular field of study. This is a very important part of dissertation, thesis and proposal writing. All such papers start with an introduction chapter followed by a chapter on literature review. It allows a student to review work which has already been written or presented by previous authors. However, such a task involves doing a research and we at understand that you don’t have enough resources so with our Literature Review Assignment help services you can avail best LR related content in least possible time.

Why is it important?

Drawing similarities between works of different authors and critically analyzing their differences allow students to make a framework for their thesis or dissertation. Such review is based to fulfill research objectives or research questions. Therefore, its importance lies in the fact that it enables a student to form the entire research upon the data gathered. Additionally, it synthesizes the important elements of published work and link it at all times to the purpose and rationale of your research paper.

What is the purpose of doing a literature review?

  • To define an issue: It becomes difficult for students to compare and contrast views of different authors on a particular issue. So with our Literature Review Homework help services you are assured to get all such comparisons done for you.
  • To give historical perspective: Any researcher shall consider the history behind the research issue. This way you would be able to conduct current research in a more reliable manner with authentic results.
  • To avoid duplication: With a detailed review you can also avoid duplication of any sort because you have already studied the previous data and you know which portions are already covered by previous authors.
  • To suggest further research: LR would allow you to identify the gaps in current research and provide recommendations for further research.

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