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The term ‘leverage’ may be defined as a means to multiply both profits as well as gains. It is an important measure used commonly in real estate investments, by the usage of mortgages to buy homes. Leverage may also be defined as the debt required to finance a company’s assets. A company with higher debt-to-equity ratio is said to have a high leverage. Every company uses leverage as a financial tool to increase the return on the investment. Ideally leverage may be produced through several different options, margin, future gains and other investments. Majority of companies use loans or debts to fund their operations. By doing so, they increase leverage and can invest or finance several business operations without increasing the equity value. This also increases the value of the company in the view of its shareholders.

Leverage enables the investors as well as the firms to operate or invest accordingly. All these however come at a greater risk, because leverage is like a double-edged sword; it magnifies profits and losses both. In the world of business, if a company tries to use leverage to enhance the shareholder wealth, it may also run into the risk of failing to do so, in which case the shareholder value undergoes a drastic downfall.

Leverage as a topic is essentially a concept which should be understood by students wishing for a future or career in the field of commerce or economics.

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