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Ledger Posting from Sales Book Homework Answers as an Excellent Exam Guide

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Before going into discussing the need and importance of Ledger Posting from Sales Book Homework Answers it is necessary to understand a few things about ledger porting and ledger posting from sales book. It is one of the most important topics in finance and its practical application in the field of economics and business is vast. No business is ever complete without ledger posting; hence students need to have a lot of theoretical knowledge in order to study the subject in depth. Here I will be discussing many such points about ledger posting and how students can overcome the many challenges faced during studying about ledger posting from sales book.

Get the basic idea about Ledger Posting

Ledger posting stands for the assembly of all records associated with any kind of business transactions that have been stored as records in individual accounts.  Every organization usually consists of a general ledger account that holds information about all the income statements that are involved in the business carried out by the company. The general ledger account usually includes accounts such as cash receivable and the inventory records about any kind of investment etc. The term that is vastly related to ledger accounts is the process of posting to the ledger. This process describes the phenomenon of studying the credit and debit balances that are recorded in the journals and accounts books maintained by an organization and recording the amounts of transaction that are stored in the organizations ledger that is the general ledger.

Importance of ledger posting

  • Maintaining a ledger account enables the organization to keep a permanent track on all the transactions in a categorized form. Since ledger account is the combination of all the accounts it is advantageous to follow the record of the ledger account to keep track of any kind of business transaction that has taken place.
  • A ledger usually gives a detailed explanation of all accounts related information including information about the debtors as well as creditors. It also includes information about assets and expenditure, interests earned and other incomes.
  • Ledger posting not only keeps record but also helps in preparing the balance sheet. This helps in viewing the financial position of the of the organization’s business and resettle any matter that has to be handled.
  • Ledger posting also develops the structure that helps in preparing a trial balance. This trial balance in turn will help to measure the accuracy of all the records that are stored. Thus to check the accuracy of all financial records of business, ledger posting is necessary. It also helps in preparing the account that considers the profits and losses of a business.

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