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Ways to do ledger posting

Through the help of Myhomeworkhelp.com, you have the chance to gain knowledge of how can you perform the ledger posting. Ledger posting from cash book homework help will ensure that you understand the importance of ledger posting that is a systematic part of accounting.

It is through ledger posting that we get to know the financial status of a company. To perform proper accounting, it includes the following steps:

  1. Preparing the vouchers.
  2. Enter the information of vouchers to different part of day books.
  3. Posting varied entries from day book to ledger.
  4. Finding the total of ledgers.
  5. Prepare the trial balance.
  • Posting of cash book from credit side

Ledger posting from cash book homework help will come up with detailed information related to theposting of thetransaction. At regular intervals, it is necessary to total the discount column and also post it to the credit of “Discount received account” in theledger.

  • Posting from debit side of cash book

At regular intervals, the cash and bank columns should be balanced, and the balance would get carry forward to next period. In thecase of thediscount column, it would be summed up and posted to debit side as the “Discount allowed” account to maintain the transaction in theledger.

The payment part of cash book that is known to be the credit side will record adifferent payment that is made either by cash or check. It is also used to record the discount that is obtained from creditors while making any payment.

Ways to manage the accounting assignment

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