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Lease financing is a mode of financing that was adopted in the 1960s and was practiced thereafter. It can be applied in many cases which is the reason behind its widespread popularity. It is used in enormous amounts of transactions that are made. The period for a lease financing varies from ten years to more than that. So feel free to read below for some Lease Assignment Help.

What is financial lease?
A lease can be defined as a way in which a firm procures the economic use of an asset for a particular period of time. Concentrating strictly on the financial lease, it is an agreement on contractual basis that cannot be cancelled and in which a lessee is to make a series of payments to a lessor to allow him to use an asset.

The financial lease period is nothing but the economic life of the asset under consideration. The total payment that is made by the lessee is always greater than or equal to the price at which the asset was bought.

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