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Our world is totally depending upon the economic policy of the countries. It plays a vital role in the growth of individuals as well as the market and nation. So, economics is a very important subject for the students.

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Learning versus economies of scale in economic term

What is learning in economics?

Learning in economics is doing a job over a period of time. It is related to the efficiency of the employee of a company. It described as a concept of a manufacturing efficiency and estimate cost. This is a graphical method description between the cost of a production and the output with a definite time.

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What are economies of scale?

The increment of production outputs and the cost of the production and its advantage is a part of the economies of scale. The relation between the quantity of products and cost of production is inversely proportional. There are three types of scales.

  • Increasing Return of Scale(IRS):

When the input costing of a production is less, then the output cost of the product is getting low, the demand of the item is increasing, and it boosts up the profit.  This is called IRS.

  • Constant Return to Scale (CRS):

When the output and input efficiency of a production unit are same over a long time, it does not make a change in the market. It is called CRS.

  • Decreasing return of scale(DRS):

With a change in the market situation, the profit and efficiency of a production are getting slow down, and its affects in a net cost of the production are called DRS.

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Learning versus economies of scale assignment help: Help derived

Both are an important topic of the economics. It helps to overview of a company’s efficiency and financial condition in the market.  The human factor is the main point to define these. In a production process, learning curves show the employee’s work ability and its growth of himself to the development of the production efficiency. In a scale of economies term, this is the process where it concerns about the average cost falls with an increase in production.

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