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It is a graphical depiction of the growing learning with experience. Learning curves can be used in two ways- first when same task is repeated in trials and secondly when something is learned over time. The person who described learning curves for the first time was Hermann Ebbingha us in the year 1885.

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How can we describe learning curves in Psychology?

The commercial learning of yield and efficacy generally trails the similar type of learning curves plush as interesting subordinate effects. Proficiency and efficiency enhancement can be well thought-out as whole organization otherwise industry or economy learning procedures, as well as for persons.

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The common outline of speeding up as well as slowing down, as the essentially attainable level of system enhancement is extended. The consequence of decreasing local effort plus resource practice by learning better-quality methods inconsistently regularly has the contradictory latent outcome on the following larger scale method, by enabling its development, or economic progress.

Learning curve and its model (mathematically) –

Learning curve is a curve which measures ability and development near a limit by way of experience.

  • Horizontal axis signifies experience one or the other openly as time otherwise can be linked to time.
  • Vertical axis signifies learning, ability or further substitution for efficiency and adeptness. It can be increasing or decreasing.

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  • The common form of learning curve is S-curve. It slowly increases taking small steps, and then large steps followed and later smaller one again when the activity of learning touches its limit.

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  • When the proficiency is increased deprived of any limit, it is known as Exponential growth. The rise in expertise or retaining of statistics may upsurge quickly to its supreme rate all through the original attempts plus then progressively levels out, denotes that the substance’s ability does not progress much by means of each later recurrence, with a smaller amount of new knowledge grew over time.

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