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Learn Time Management in Chemical Engineering Homework in 4 Steps

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

Chemical Engineering Homework Answers

First let us go through a brief about chemical engineering. What actually is a chemical engineering?
Chemical engineering is actually a branch of engineering that deals with both the concepts of physics and chemistry (i.e. physical sciences) also linked with certain principle of life sciences and also combined with the principles of   mathematics and economics.
It has its root extended to different subjects. The main target of it is to have a proper use of different chemicals and also study the energy and properties of the elements.
Thus, in short it helps to have a descriptive study so that its process helps to transform chemicals and other raw materials and living cells and microorganism and energy so that it can be used in important stuffs and valuable products for current and future uses.
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Important branches of chemical engineering :
There are various branches of chemical engineering :-

  • Phenomena of fluid flow
  • Absorption of gases
  • Heat transfer radiation
  • Extraction and leach
  • Process of crystallization
  • Separation process by membrane
  • Separation by mechanical process
  • Handling of particulate solids and its properties
  • Diffusion and its principles
  • Mass transfer with change of phases
  • Exchange of heat and its process
  • Multi-component distillation processes
  • Heat transfer between fluids with change of phase
  • No change of phases during transfer of heat between fluids
  • Fluid metering and its transportation
  • Liquid mixing and its agitation
  • Basic concept of flow of liquids

Time management for chemical engineering:
Time management is essential for almost everything and its one of the fundamental thing to look for to have a disciplined life. However, its quite similar in the case of studying. To have a proper balance, time management is essential.

  • Make a schedule for each and every topic to study- so that all the topics get covered
  • The basic principles and the important points can be marked with colorful pencil so that it gets highlighted and didn’t need extra time to memorize them.
  • Important and calculation parts involving formula and other stuff like these should be practised on a daily basis, as these things need to stay in touch always
  • Always, when having a gap or during time pass, try to memorize the materials

 How to motivate yourself:
Important stuff to motivate you for studying:

  • First and foremost you need to incentivize
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Have an attitude and a target
  • Set a competition
  • Challenge your friends and other including friends from social network
  • Have an inner strength
  • Don’t give up
  • Always be focused and stay on track

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However, in spite of all these things, time management is the most important of all the things. Have a proper time management and set a particular goal, so that you can cover up all the topics and to achieve a big goal, that’s the most important part.