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Learn the Ways to Help Your Child to Avoid Academic Pressure – Know more

by Oct 14, 2016Assignments

When a child grows up, he or she undergoes several stages. They learn many new things which might be an academic lesson or a lesson for life. Education system has changed over the years and has become tougher and more competitive. Kids these days have to go through pressure from school, private tuitions, peer pressure, bullying, etc.
But stress and anxiety among kids can lead to a damaged or disturbed mentality and that child might grow up to be a person not warmly accepted by the society. Frustration or stress among kids was not found before. But now that it is seen among children, as a parent you need to learn the ways to help your child to avoid academic pressure.
Here are few ways in which you can do that:

  • Prevent chaos

Home of child should have a healthy environment. Chaos, daily problems among parents leading to chaos and anxiety should be prevented immediately. A disturbed environment is harmful for a growing child. It activates negative parts of his or her brain more and more. The child gets used to these disturbed situations and starts considering disturbed situation as normal.
In later part of that child’s life, he or she might do the same to next generation. If a calm ad soothing environment persists in the house, it is easier for everyone including the child concerned to all work peacefully and without stress.

  • Get enough sleep

A growing child must sleep for six to eight hours daily. Sleeping is a process whereby the body and brain gets recharged. It is often said that if a person does not sleeps for about 7 days, that person is supposed to die. This proves how important sleep is for human body. After working for the entire day, a child requires adequate sleep so that he or she can take the pressure of next day. An adult knows better how to handle workload, but a growing child does not know that properly.
So an adult might skip or reduce sleep time on urgent need, but a child must never do that. Sleeping properly also helps a child to increase memory so that he or she can remember all that has been taught in school or tuition that particular day.

  • Communication

Parents should always maintain a good communication with their children. This way, a healthy bond is maintained and their children do not feel left out. If parents do not communicate properly with their children, they tend to feel isolated and gradually stop sharing about their life. This way they tend to hold stuffs to themselves and not sharing always leads to frustration and stress.
Human beings always feel lighter when they share their problems and emotions to others. There are even few kids who do not open up easily. Parents should try more and more to communicate with these particular kids so that they do open up. Because kids have no idea in their age that holding emotions to oneself can lead to disturbed mental health.

  • Regular exercise

Children used to play on regular basis few years earlier. They hardly do that now. Playing is a sort of physical exercise and it is an age old known fact that exercise helps decrease stress very effectively. Academic pressure has increased to great extent presently and if a child can exercise on regular basis, he or she can keep stress under control. There ismuch yoga which has been proved scientifically to keep physical and mental state healthy.

  • Don’t overburden your child

This is a trend of present era that children have got packed schedule. Staying busy throughout the day is a norm of present generation. Almost all children have got list of activities after school such as painting, dancing, karate class, swimming, music, etc. but this form of lifestyle is not cool at all.
Obviously it is good to encourage your child to take part in extracurricular activities because these are very important parts of life. But do not involve them is multiple activities. This way, they cannot do all these things well. It is better to learn one or two things in the best way than learning lots of things with least knowledge.
Also if you can reduce so many activities, your children can get enough time for homework and they will not have stress at night before next day for solving homework.

  • Talk to school and tuitions

Always talk to school teachers of your child or his private tuition teachers about his conduct and performance.  This will help you understand how your child is in absence of you. This will also help you realize if your child can cope up equally in school and tuition. This is because presently there are most cases where students find more comfort and learn better in tuitions than schools. They get more care individually in tuitions.

  • Motivate your child

As a parent; you can be stressed out too. Tell your kid that stress is a common issue. But then again encourage your child to keep working coping up with stress. Make him or her understand that organizing your work can lead to low stress.
If you do not encourage your child and show negativity, your child will learn the same and will have difficulty in coping up with academic pressure. Discuss about various topics and subjects with him. Make him interested in subjects. For example you can say how physics can help creating magic.

  • Stop negativity

Never speak negative about academics or a teacher in front of your child. This will lead a bad impact on him or her. In turn, this will increase his pressure more and they will think that their case is going to get worse and their parents cannot do anything about it.
Healthy mental state is the key
In short, you can help your children by creating a healthy peaceful environment and encouraging him or her all the time. Do not let your child get involved more with technology such as computer games or smart phones. Instead have more family time, connect to people directly than through social media. A healthy mind will lead to low academic pressure.