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Learn How to Write Thesis Statement with Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

by Oct 14, 2017Writing

Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

Writing a research paper requires a lot of hard work. It requires you to collect and organize information and take a lot of notes in the process. In your research paper, you might have written an introduction and conclusion that is strong and grabs attention. Still, composing a proper thesis statement is perhaps the most crucial task. You can search for thesis statement examples for research papers to get an idea of how to write a thesis statement.
What is a thesis statement?
A thesis statement comprises of a sentence or two to summarize the essence of your research and describe the purpose of your paper. Whenever someone reads the thesis statement of your research paper, they should immediately gain an idea of what your paper is about. Also, if your paper has any argument or slant, the statement should describe that as well.
Thesis statement is that one sentence expressing the primary idea of your research paper. Generally, it makes a claim, that directly answers a question. Generally, the last line of the first paragraph in your research paper can be your thesis statement.
Why is thesis statement important?
There are various reasons why a thesis statement matters. First and foremost, it foreshadows the main idea of your paper. Secondly, it also helps you in organizing your argument for the paper and also prepares the readers for the structure that follows subsequently. Lastly, your thesis statement provides a concise summary of any specific points or arguments that you wish to make through your paper.
When you look through thesis statement examples for research papers, you will know what a strong statement looks like and how important it is. When the thesis statement of your research paper is not strong, discerning the underlying purpose of your paper would be hard.
Thesis statements are powerful, when two aspects are considered. Firstly, it gets the reader excited about exactly what is coming their way. Then, a thesis statement serves as a point of reference for your whole research paper. While writing your paper, it is possible for you to wander off track and lose your grip on the essence of the paper. When that happens, a good thesis statement can help you keep in check whether you have wandered off topic or not.
The thesis statement plays the role of stating the central message of your entire paper. So, it is important to revisit your statement after you are done writing your paper. As you construct your paper, it is quite normal for your message to change. Hence, the statement may require rewriting or editing after the paper is written.
Examples of thesis statements
Here are some thesis statement examples for research papers:

  • Argument thesis statement:

“Upon being exposed to documentaries depicting the dangers of texting and driving, students start driving more responsibly.”

  • Expository thesis statement:

“Picturing a lunar eclipse is a rewarding process, but it requires proper equipment and careful preparation.”

  • Analytical thesis statements:

“The crime scene did ultimately provide enough evidence for solving the case, but only a thorough investigation provided the clues.”
Mistakes that students make while writing thesis statement

  1. Not being specific

When it comes to a good thesis statement, it is always worth mentioning that it has to be specific. Using general words such as “good” simply shows that you haven’t dug deep enough.
As an example, “A travel in Europe is a good way to spend your vacation” is just not specific enough. Why is it good? You need to examine the idea of your topic even further and focus on some very specific areas. As with the above example, a good thesis statement would be “Travelling solo through Europe boosts your confidence.” Now, you can research properly on solo European travel and who it helps in improving confidence.

  1. Improper point of view

A proper thesis statement is always the one that is developed from the point of view of readers. You need to be careful and make sure you don’t write something that interests only you.
It might seem harsh but it is important to ask a question to yourself: Will the readers have anything to interest them in what you are writing? As with the previous example, it might happen that a reader is interested in European travel but not so in solo travel, and vice versa. You just need to beware of all possible viewpoints before spending so much time in researching and writing for your paper. Some thesis statement examples for research papers might interest you, others might not. That is just because you have a different point of view from others.
Find proper thesis statement examples online
Nowadays, whenever you require some sort of help, you can rely on the internet. It is even true when you require help writing a thesis statement. A simple search on the internet and you will end up with numerous thesis statement examples for research papers. When you come across different thesis statements for different kinds of research papers or essays, you will get a sense of how to properly construct a thesis statement.
A really effective way of getting online help with your thesis statement is hiring online homework help services. There are various websites providing such services, finding one wouldn’t be much hard. The benefit of such kind of help is that you get assisted by expert tutors. Those experts will provide the examples of thesis statements and let you know the dos and don’ts. They can even help you in constructing a statement, depending on the topic of your research paper. The bottom line is that if you are stuck with your research paper, online help is always available for you.
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