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Learn How to Make Homework Fun for Kids

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Education is undoubtedly the most indispensable thing in the world. Homework and education are quite interred connected with each other. Homework means a particular task assigned by a teacher to the pupil to be completed at home and to be submitted within a stipulated time. The main debate going around the world is how to make homework fun for kids.
Problem faced by students while doing homework:
The main problem faced by school kids are as follows:

  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • They get confused sometimes and thereby work laboriously for long hours.
  • They feel tired and bored.
  • They feel distressed as they can’t pursue their hobbies.

The students can overcome their problem smoothly if the parents can guide them and show them the right path of doing homework. This can be achieved by following some easy steps.
How to make homework fun for kids?
The parents can assist their kids in the following ways:
A routine:
A parent can help a child to find the most suitable time for doing his homework. For eg: if a child is an early riser, then he can finish his homework in the morning before going to school. On the other hand if a child feels fresh during afternoon or in the evening, then he must do his homework in that time rather than doing randomly. Parents are the best guide for a child, so it is their duty to find a suitable time for their kid.
A child should take some break while doing homework for a long time. But as a parent it is your duty to check that a particular homework is completely finished before he is taking a break for doing his next homework. A good break definitely means:

  • A snack break
  • Drinking juice or a cup of coffee
  • May be some light exercises
  • Not watching TV
  • They should take break after every 30 minutes or maximum 60 mins.

Reward your child:
Instead of giving gifts to your child you can make a reward chart and hang it on his study room. Every time he finishes timely reward by giving points. For primary school goers you must reward instantly, may be a sticker or a chocolate and loads of praise. In this way the negative attitude towards homework can be avoided.
Different ways to help their homework:
As a parent you can illustrate how to make homework fun for kids.

  • Teach them some easy tricks so that they can finish their homework fast.
  • Use some fun techniques and do some outdoor activities so that they can find homework interesting and not a monotonous tedious job.
  • Try to understand your kid’s preferences of learning methods and then help him in that way.
  • Sit and discuss with your child about the problems caused by a particular subject’s homework.

It is absolutely your duty to know how to make homework fun for kids. You need to think and re think about it several times and then you can get some solutions to turn boring homework into a blast. The different ways to make homework can be listed as follows:
Try to build an attractive study place:
You can re paint your walls according to your child’s preferred color and then organize his table with books and copies in two sides. In the middle you can keep a pen stand and a color box so that he don’t need to go here and there to search his belongings. Besides, kids love to show off their creations, so you can hang his paintings and paper works in his room to make him feel superior. The older kids on the other hand would like to get some personal space so you must give him some space.
Reward him by a ticket:
Children love to get ticket while playing their favorite arcade game. Make some tickets, and give them as soon as they finish their each homework assignment. At the end of a week count the number of tickets and reward him accordingly, for instance if he has collected 10 tickets at the end of a week reward him a box of pencils or crayons or may be an ice cream. If he has collected more than 20 tickets for an instance reward him by taking him for a movie. Besides, how to remember homework can be quite fascinating too in this way.
Buy a board to overcome boredom
As a parent you can buy a board and write his assignments and some encouraging words for him. It will help him to boost up his lost energy. How to make homework fun for kids is no more a difficult task but can be equally interesting and innovative.
Keep a bell beside his study table:
You can keep a bell beside his study table so that your child can ring it as soon as he is done with his assignment. You can go to his room while praising and give him a small cookies or a chocolate. He will feel special and would tend to do his work efficiently.
Take a needful break and play a short game:
After completing a particular set of homework a child can take a break and can play a short game like alphabet puzzle. For older kids they can play some brain games like Sudoku, to refresh their brain before leaping for their next assignment.
Give him a physical break:
It is one of the finest ways to know how to make homework fun for kids by giving them a physical break. Active kids would love to enjoy their break by jumping and running around. A few minutes freeze dance and some jumping jacks or some yoga postures will their brain pumping. As a parent you can join in and play with them to add some more fun to it. The children will love to get you as their counterpart.
Always offer your full guidance when they need your help:
Make sure to help them but not giving answers when they need your guidance. Do not avoid them by saying you are busy and will help them later.
Try to be positive:
The secret behind how to make homework fun for kids is by being positive and to encourage them always.