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Learn How to Effectively Use Several Types of Hooks in Writing

by Oct 14, 2017Writing

Types of Hooks in Writing

How do I get the reader to stay on and keep reading the rest?

It is one of the common questions faced by many students when writing an essay or a dissertation. Keeping the reader hooked requires the use of a good introduction, which sadly many fail to capture. Students wish that the professors read the essays till the very end as it would reflect their hard work but they don’t.
Who has the time to read through an average essay in a class of fifty?
Thus, the employment of hooks becomes absolutely necessary to capture the attention of the reader and make them read right through till the end. The use of various types of hooks in writing is quite common and employing it will certainly elevate your essay.

What are hooks you ask?

A hook sentence is an opening line or statement that is connected with the rest of the essay and is successful at grabbing the attention of the reader to keep them reading till the very end. There are several types of hooks that are used to make an essay irresistible.
The importance of the hook statement is far reaching. It is that which instills a sense of curiosity in your reader and makes them pursue the rest of the essay. It resembles the body of work that you are about to present.
So, if you hook isn’t attractive, people won’t even bother to read through the rest, no matter how researched your work is.

Don’t believe it?

Well, lets say you are reading a novel. The first thing that arouses you to finish the rest of it off is the first few pages. It is the first few pages that acts as a hook and raises your curiosity. Would you even read a novel if the book started with pages and pages of description?

Still not convinced?

Well, lets say you want your friend to watch a movie that you really like. Now remove the interesting plotline that makes it really interesting. You are left with a regular movie the story of which you can easily anticipate. Do you think your friend would want to watch it now?
Hooks are exactly like that!
However, to use different types of hooks in writing effectively you need aware of the problems that exist that create problem when writing.
These are:

  • Failure to understand the importance and hence, use it effectively.
  • Unable to identify what type of hook should be used where.
  • Inability to transform articulate thoughts into words.
  • Inadequate writing ability.
  • Average writing style.

Most of these problems can be effectively eradicated with the help of online help. With help from educational websites, students can learn about the several types of hooks in writing and how to use them. Some even have live tutoring sessions to help enhance such abilities and produce a stellar essay!

But first, let’s explore the world of hooks!

There are several types of hooks available in writing, but over here let’s explore around ten out of countless ones.

  1. Start with an anecdote. An anecdote is defined as a short story related to famous objects, people, etc. that is of common knowledge.
  2. Why not use the definition? Definitions are a great way to state the purpose of your writing the essay and get to the point.
  3. Make a bold statement related to the topic of the essay. It will not fail to grab attention.
  4. Start with questions. Arouse interest.
  5. Using famous quotes as hooks is another effective way to start writing an essay.
  6. Want to ensure that the reader goes on till the very end? Use humour. It is always effective in all situations. But do not go out of context and refrain from bad jokes. Its your academic paper, not some dorm chat room!
  7. The use of statistical facts is common among types of hooks in writing that are in use. Make sure that they are taken from a reliable source.
  8. Starting with a simile or a metaphor is another innovative use to keep your readers hooked. Provided you know what it is!
  9. You can even start with an interesting fact related to the topic of course.
  10. Or start with a contradictory statement. Like the famous quote ‘To be or not to be.”

However, remember not all hooks are applicable for all kinds of essay.
Wondering how to write an effective hook??
Well here are five tips to help you write one.
Tip #1,What kind of an essay are you writing? Is it reflective? Argumentative?Or simply academic?
Tip #2, Who are you writing it for? College applications?Teachers?Completion?
Tip #3, What’s your writing style? Like for example, if you fail at humour and sarcasm then do not even attempt to include it. DO NOT ever.
Tip #4, Have you developed a structure yet?

Still you are unable to write an effective hook?

Well, you can always hire someone to write it for you. In the age of the internet, there are numerous educational websites available that would be glad to help you out with it. Not just the hook, they would write an entire essay on your behalf!

All you have to do is pay!

Now where could you find such a service? Where could you possibly get help and how could you even avail the service?
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Go ahead and search for effective hooks to write a stellar essay. Avail help if need be.
Remember your essay is not entirely depended on the hook but the research you conduct as well.
If you feel enlightened after reading this post or even remotely liked it, then feel free to share!
Happy writing!