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Everything You Need To Know For Creating a Good Hook for an Essay

by Oct 14, 2017Writing

Good Hook for an Essay

The success of any essay you write is directly dependent on the way you start it. It isn’t about how you write or anything else, rather it is more about how you choose to start your paper and make it ideal for the potential readers. This is the reason why a good hook for an essay is so important in literary practices. From essayists to professional writers to college students, everyone uses hooks for their write ups.
What is an essay hook?
Conventionally, an essay hook is basically the first sentence or two. It acts as an introduction to the essay. Essay hooks are used to seize the attention of the readers. The first couple of sentences help the reader decide whether they wish to continue reading the essay or not.
Why is it important?
When you are about to write an essay, you would obviously want to express your own creativity and thoughts. However, an essay shouldn’t be too formal or boring. When you are writing an essay, your priority must always be to keep the perspective of your audience in mind. Remember, you are writing for them, so you need to keep them engaged right from the start. This means, you would have to grab their attention so they are interested in reading every word of the essay. That is exactly where a good hook for an essay can serve as such an important tool.
You may think of the first couple of sentences of your essay as a fishing hook. It grabs the reader’s attention and gives you a chance to reel them in. Your essay hook can be any sentence, as long as it captures the attention of your reader and keeps them interested in reading further. Hooks are not only used in college papers and essays. Every writer, storyteller, copywriter and screenwriter uses this tool to seek reader’s attention and keep them hooked.
Considerations while writing an essay hook
Here are a few points you need to consider in order to write a good hook for an essay:

  • What kind of an essay you are willing to write?
  • Who your intended audience is?
  • The writing style you need to use, and also the tone of writing
  • What structure you wish to establish for your essay?

Different types of essay hooks

  • Literary Quote:

When you are writing a story, book, literary phenomenon or about an author, using a literary quote as the hook is most appropriate. Using the quote helps in making your essay sound fresh and it even establishes you as an author.

  • Famous people’s quotes:

When you include a quote from a famous and influential person, it helps in supporting your argument and also serves as an intriguing hook. With such a hook, you need to make sure you clearly depict how the quote holds relevance to your essay.

  • Anecdote:

You shouldn’t hesitate in employing such hooks. You can start your essay with a humorous anecdote, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole essay has to be funny as well. Some humor in the beginning can spark the interest of readers in the topic of your essay.

  • Question:

A properly constructed question is one of the best ways to catch interest of your readers. They would want to continue reading the essay for the sake of knowing the answer to the question. While writing such a hook, it is advisable to rather avoid a simple Yes/No question. Instead, you should use a question that engages the reader and encourages them to think critically.

  • Set A Scene:

People usually respond well to visual cues. You can take your time to set a scene that is detailed. It serves as a good hook for an essay as it helps the reader have a clear picture in mind. You can describe a character and its features in details or describe an incident to immerse your readers.

  • Fact:

This is the kind of hook that surprises the reader with something they probably do not know. You can provide an intriguing fact about something you are willing to discuss in the body of your essay. With such facts, your audience would want to keep reading to know more.

  • Stating The Thesis:

Getting straight to the heart of the matter is also good. You can start your essay with your main argument. This way, you can utilize the rest of your essay to support your perspective.

  • Statistics:

By providing some mathematical data and proven facts at the start of your essay, you immediately create interest that can be carried through the rest of your writing.
Why are college essay hooks difficult to generate?
Generating a good hook for an essay can be difficult for college students. More often than not, you are still working on the topic of your essay. As such, you don’t actually have a clear idea of what is it you want to convey through your essay. In such a scenario, it is obviously impossible come up with a proper hook. As a result, you just end up writing something that is vague and uninteresting.
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