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How to Write Psychology Research Papers Successfully?

By Michelle Johnson
14 Oct, 2017

Psychology Research Papers

Hammering your head to recall the format the professor had stated to finish off your research paper on psychology?
No result?
Well, no issues.
Research papers are quite different from normal academic papers, both in format and in content. Psychology research papers comprises of the studies conducted on subjects and the inferences derived from it. Let’s say it: research papers are rather intimidating.
Psychology papers, even more so. The findings are never the same, a sit differs from one subject to another. Even more overwhelming is the fact there are specific guidelines and format to be followed to even get it considered as a research paper.
The importance of a psychology research paper is varied. It tests the academic acumen of the students, at the end of a semester in most cases. It allows students to explore the subject fully and coordinate their thoughts upon a topic. The paper allows them a chance to find new things in the field of psychology.

Think it is redundant? Absolutely not!

There are various research papers published on psychology that when studies pave the way for new medicine. For example, in 2015, in a reputed science journal, a psychology research paper explored the effective methods that would allow the brain to rehabilitate from a traumatic brain injury. And a method that seemed to help both males and females included rehabilitation therapy that comprises of both physical and mental activities.

See how important it is?

Even before you sit down to write a paper, it is necessary to know the difference between a research summary and a research proposal as both are type casted under psychology research papers.
A research summary essentially proposes to summarize existing theories on a particular topic while shedding some new light on it. The format for a research summary includes:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusions and implications.

A research proposal on the other hand, involves the study of a proposed subject or topic to decipher the objective of the research and the inferences drawn from it.
When talking about psychology research papers, professors mostly refer to the former type. These research proposals consist of 40% of the entire semester marks, if not more.
Thus, learning about the format in which you have to write become absolutely essential.
In order to write a research paper in psychology, you need to first choose the topic of your preference. There are a range of topics you can choose from.

These are:

  • History of psychology
  • Mental health
  • Neuro science
  • Behavioural psychology
  • Analytic and research techniques
  • Cognitive psychology

These are just to name a few. Talk with your professor and choose topic that you feel comfortable with.
Tip: Choose a topic that has studies conducted on it already. It is easier to come by material for writing the proposal and write a stellar one as well!

Wondering how you start writing your proposal?

Well, first find out what an APA format is, if you do not know already because all psychology research papers are written in the APA format, that makes it easier for publication in journals.
The APA format is the official style of American Psychological Association that is used to publish papers in psychology, social science and education. Originating in 1929, it laid out the basic guidelines that need to be followed to write a paper associated with it.

Want to know what the format is like?

Under the APA format, your research paper comprises of five important sections. These are:

  1. Title page which comprises of the title of your research proposal, the name of the author and the name of your college/ university. It lets you reader know what the proposal is all about and the writer.
  2. Abstract comprising of a summary of your research paper that states what your research is all about. It shouldn’t be more than 150 to 250 as regulated by the APA.
  3. Introduction should comprise of what you are about to undertake in the research. It should comprise of all the questions that you suppose the research will invigorate and how it connects to other fields of study. You need to present the hypothesis as well that you wish to test or have tested.
  4. In the body section, you need to list down your methods of study and write almost like a lab report. After this, you need to list down your inferences and results from the study.
  5. List down your reference sources when writing your research paper. This part is rather important and should be written in an organized manner. Also, it needs to be on a new page.

Some tips for things to avoid when writing a psychology paper:

  • Guide your reader through the proposal. Don’t fling any surprise. Psychologists hate surprises!
  • Don’t paraphrase directly from other psychologist’s works that you have cited.
  • Remember not to use bias language. For example, use people with autism instead of autistics. Don’t ever use generic terms. Like for example, use African, Asian instead of using non-white people.
  • Refrain from using jargons. Don’t fill up your proposal with unnecessary words.
  • Use headings and sub headings. It simplifies matter and makes reading much easier.

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