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Do You Know How To Write A Good Hook Sentence?

by Nov 22, 2017Writing

How to Write a Good Hook Sentence

Students write essay and they always need to have a good start to make it catchy. It means hook sentence must be perfect. However, many of you are unable to understand how to write a good hook sentence and they do not write well to make it completely perfect according to the requirement of the reader or council.
Students say that they write well, but do not score well in essay. Thus, it is important for you to know how to write an appropriate hook sentence.

Good hook sentence – importance in an essay

Good hook sentence means a few lines at the beginning of an essay which are just introduction of the essay. The importance is how to enhance the way of writing a topic.
Do you know about it? When a writer starts writing an essay, a few sentences in the introduction part decides the quality of writing of that essay. If these sentences are perfect or interesting to the readers, then they must go through next sentences or the whole topic.
It is very essential to write a good hook sentence because it decides importance of that essay.
Experienced people say that always try to give effort on your beginning sentences of an essay to make your writing attractive.
If you as a student do not write proper sentence at the beginning of an essay, you will not be able to score well. It is because the way of writing looks dull.
You cannot make an essay interesting at its end part, because it will be meaningless. So, when it is the beginning, then you should have an excellent beginning.
“Practice makes a man perfect.”
If a student practices writing, then he will surely get the best outcome and not face any problem in writing a good hook sentence.
Now, you just need to know that how to write a hook sentence as this is the prime question in front of students.

How to write a good hook sentence?

Writing a good hook sentence is the prime way to attract a reader. Now, you must know some important tips to know this –

  • Try to make the first sentence interrogative. It means a normal question to the reader.

In this way, a reader will get the motto of your writing. A question will help in all ways to think about the topic of a reader. No matter, how simple or how much complex this question is.

  • Using descriptive words you can make an essay completely perfect. This because by using descriptive words, you can easily create an image. Write as well as the reader can think about this.
  • Making curious to the readers is very important to all. Now, it is important to leave your writing in mystery.
  • All these points say about thought-provoking, mysterious and incredibly interesting. In this way, one can hook a reader, and the reader wants to know more and more about the topic.

So, it is clear that how much important hook sentence is. You can also understand about the requirement of this part of an essay.
A student must express his view about the topic and create a hook sentence is a part of that. So, creative writing is prominent to have hook sentence.
Hook depends on the topic and controversy is also a great way to engage readers. Anyone can also start with a simple example in case he thinks that it would be difficult to explain.
Developing ability must be there with a student.
Thus, if you have the proper ability in writing an essay from school level and get knowledge about perfect introductory part, then it will help in writing hook sentence.

Problems in writing a hook sentence

Hook sentence attract a reader, but it is difficult for students to write well.
Here are some points that show problems –

  • This is very critical for many students, mostly who are not interesting in writing essays. But, problems arise due to that, and if you start your essay normally without pointing out the exact view related to the topic, reader will not get any interest.
  • Most of the students don’t have proper knowledge about hook sentence at their beginning stage of study. Only lack of knowledge in writing can create problem.
  • Busy life with different projects does now allow thinking much about essay and its exact structure. They need help from experts to know about writing.
  • Students like you get engaged in studies with other various subjects and projects mostly science and technology in such a way that they just lose importance of English. And don’t go through how to write an essay.
  • The prime thing is they don’t know how to start an essay and give attraction of writing in the middle to engage readers more and more.
  • Many times quotation gives a right way to stare, but students may confuse while writing an appropriate quotation while they start their writing.

However, you can take help of expert to know about how to write a good hook sentence.

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