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Make the Opening Catchy By Learning about Hook Sentences

by Nov 22, 2017Writing

How to Write a Hook

The first sentence of an essay is the first opportunity to capture a reader.
The significance of the first sentence in an essay makes a reader attentive. Moreover, increasing curiosity to know about next sentences should be the prime motto of a write to make a topic interesting.
In addition, it becomes interesting for the writer as well as for the readers to go through. An interesting sentence or the beginning sentence is known as a hook sentence.
So, if you are unable to attract a reader, means your hook sentence is not up to the level of requirement. Henceforth, you must concentrate on how to write a hook.

Hook – makes introduction of an essay powerful

“I want to score well in the essay.”
Every student desires to score well and if you consider English for scoring well, you must have a proper knowledge about essay writing and hence how to write a hook is very important for you.
The hook can be a question, quotation or an example related to the topic. It makes your essay more and more interesting. Where you should use any of these three is up to you completely and also is very important.
However, the topic of an essay must meet its exact requirement, and this is the prime reason that people focus on the hook. So, the council also thinks of the best hook while scoring.
The right hook means the right way of explaining a topic.
You cannot ignore it because when you have a perfect hook, it means you know how accurate you can explain next sentences to make the essay effective.
Hook introduces a topic and when you introduce something or someone you must say about the exact information so that anyone can easily recognize about that particular topic or the particular person.
It means when you know about writing a hook, you will never confuse in the topic and you will surely make the essay proper.
Teachers always try to give their effort in explaining the sentences in the beginning. So, go with effective writing for making effective and understandable writing.
So, here you may have understood now that what hook means. But, the way of writing also needs personal view and words to explain it.
You must know that when you use your own words for an explanation a topic, you can easily understand how to make it suitable and perfect. Henceforth, you must concentrate on the way of expressing a hook according to your convenience.

Understand properly that how to write a hook

It is understandable that hook is the first single or two sentences to introduce a topic in an essay. Now, your hook must be effective to capture the attention of a reader. So, be careful about how to write a perfect hook for your essay. For that go through some proper steps as follow –

  • Understand your topic well – Your first step should understand the topic well and with that, you can easily decide whether you are comfortable with quotation or question.
  • Try to give a complete effort on first line – Suppose you have a topic related to scientific phenomena or any disaster, then you can start with a natural disaster as an example that took place in your country or any part of the world. In this way, you must clear the view of a reader.
  • Don’t write anything different than your topic at the very first line – In case you desire to make anything in that way which does not give you the correct way to express the topic in its introductory section or from beginning, then it will not be attractive to the reader. So, try to go with the topic.
  • Questions for those topics that needs controversy – Asking questions and then answering them is completely helpful in making view clear. So, many times technology, science or many other topics need proper question and when you start it normally without any question or proper example, then your senior will deduct your marks.

So, these are some important and common way to write introduction part or hook in English essay. However, you just need to know that many students do not take care of it and thus do not get proper score in English essay.

What is the problem while writing an essay?

The prime problem is lack of knowledge about writing make a student weak. In case you do not have much knowledge about how to write a hook, then you just need to concentrate on the topic.
“I want to know that how to recover my problem.”
A student must know that what his problem is. A number of students need perfect knowledge because they do not concentrate on this introductory part. Many times students are not able to write proper questions. So, you just need to be creative in writing.

How to get proper help?

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Now, you can easily understand that how to write a hook sentence to make your essay perfect and effective.