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Le Chatelier’s Principle homework help is one of the best way to master the knowledge of Chemistry and to fulfill your dream of learning Chemistry easily. This principle is also known as the equilibrium law. It is used to:

  • Anticipate the effect of various changes in a condition for a chemical equilibrium
  • It is named after Karl Ferdinand and Henry Louis Le Chatelierd who discovered this theory
  • A system readjusts itself after a change in temperature, volume, concentration or in pressure
  • As a result a new equilibrium is founded
  • Whenever a disturbance takes place within a system the effective changes will be minimized
  • Any bit of change within the status will lead to an opposite reaction to the given responding system

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How is this principle used in Chemistry?

  • This principle in Chemistry is used to manipulate the results from the reversible reactions
  • The equilibrium can be used to shift the ligands to the receptor
  • It is able to explain the different types of phenomena of desensitization and of receptor activation
  • This principle has been generalized in Economics to explain the price equilibrium of some effective economic systems
  • All these theories can be resolved by different response reactions

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What will happen if you change the concentration of the chemical?

  • The equilibrium will shift its base from side to side after the concentration gets changed
  • Then the chemical system will likely to oppose the changes caused by the original state of equilibrium
  • The extent, reaction and the yield of products will get changed due to the effect of the corresponding system
  • It can be well illustrated if you go through the equilibrium of hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide while reacting in forming methanol

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