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The price of commodities or goods changes with time which is determined by price indices. In general,there are two standard methods one is Laspeyresindices, and the other is Paasche indices. We are going to discuss Laspeyres indices in this article.With the help of Laspeyres index assignment help, you will try to understand the subject more easily because of the fluid content and straightforward language.

What Is Laspeyres Index?

Laspeyres index is a critical topic under the subject economics; the student often faces difficulties to understand this topic. Etienne Laspeyres introduced the concept in the 19thcentury; it became instrumental in economics for measuring current prices of the object. You will easily understand the topic with the help of Laspeyres index homework help because our experts will help you to understand how the Laspeyres index is calculated by the ratio of the cost of purchasing the goods at current prices.

Difference in Calculation

The fundamental difference between Laspeyres index and Paasche index is in calculation part of the quantities of the base year are given to you will easily solve the problem where as this does not happen in the case of the Paasche index as you need to know the quantities of that particular year and then calculate it. Moreover at the cost of purchasing the goods at prices that were in the base period followed by multiplying with 100.

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Laspeyres Index Advantages

  • Quantities are only required for base year
  • For every year the index can be directly compared
  • Construction Laspeyres index is also cheaper.

As compared to other methods the interpretation of it is also easy with the help of Laspeyres index homework help the main reason to use this method is for estimation the inflation rate.

\The calculation becomes easier if the prices and weights are known to you like the base period for which you want to calculate. The application of Laspeyres index is in the calculation of consumer price index; the value of Laspeyres index mainly depend on qualities of commodity or commodities purchased in the base year.

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