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Here, you will get some useful information on laser diode which is a subject of electrical engineering.

What is laser diode?

A laser diode, popularly known as laser injection or diode laser, is basically a semiconductor device that creates coherent radiation in the infrared or visible spectrum when current passes through it. These laser diodes are widely used in compact disc, optical fibre system, remote control device and laser printers.

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Features of laser diode

The laser diode is different from other conventional lasers. It has some specific features. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Small in size and weight:

The size of a typical laser diode is less than one millimeter and its weight is a fraction of a gram that makes it ideal for use in various electrical machines.

  • Consume low voltage and low current:

Most laser diodes require a few milliwattpowers such as 3 to 12 volts DC. Therefore, they can easily be used in small battery power supply.

  • Low intensity:

A laser diode cannot be used for big purposes such as bringing down satellites, burning holes in metal, blinding aircraft pilots, etc. The coherent output of it results in ease modulation and higher efficiency for control various applications and communications.

  • Wide angle beam:

A typical laser diode produces a cone rather than a pencil and therefore, it has wide angle beam that can be collimated using wide angle convex lenses.

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