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What is Landscape ecology?

In biology or in environmental science, the subject Ecology is very important to understand about the relationship of different organism with the complete eco system. Moreover, the study searches how to improve this relationship to make the environment suitable.  It is very important as environment and ecological system needs a great suitability. The theory of Landscape ecology explains about action or role of human beings on the structure as well as function of land.

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What are the different terms come under this?

These are as follow-

  • Landscape
  • Scale and heterogeneity
  • Disturbance and fragmentation
  • Patch and mosaic
  • Boundary and Edge
  • Ecoclines, ecotones and ecotopes

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What are the different ways of measurement?

These are as follow-

  • Landscape scales
  • Spatial Pattern development
  • Organizational levels of research
  • Policies

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