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Know the Various Forms of Equity with Equity Rates Homework Online

by Jun 14, 2017Finance

What is equity? Equity is the value of an asset after deducting all the liabilities. It can be shown as Assets – Liabilities = Equity. We can also say that equity negotiates with employers to deliver least ranks of pay and engagement fees. There are certain equity rates which are specific. To know more about these rates Equity rates homework online can be preferred. Equity can be defined in many ways as there are many forms of equity. Let’s discuss few definitions.

  • Any security or stock which represents ownership interest is known as equity.
  • The owner’s fund in balance sheet plus the retained earnings is referred as shareholder’s equity.
  • From the value of securities when borrowed amount is subtracted then it is known as equity in the framework of margin trading.
  • The difference between current fair market value of the property and amount which owner still owes on the mortgage is known as equity when we talk about real estate.
  • In investment strategies, three classes of assets are there. One is equity, second is bonds, and third one is cash and cash equivalents.
  • The money left after clearing the debts when a business liquidates, is called ownership equity. Also, it is referred as risk capital or liable capital.

What is home equity loan rate?

It is the rate of interest we pay on a home equity loan. It is generally a fixed rate and sometimes based on the condition of market. It is very important to understand the rates and terms of loan to make a smart choice. Students must know about the equity rates to complete their homework. Because of the complexity of calculating such rates, students prefer online Equity rates homework help which helps them understand about the different rates of equity.

These rates are calculated on the basis of loan amount, terms of payment, mortgage balance, and current value of home, income and credit history. Students are asked to find APR in their homework generally. Actually APR is a very important factor while taking decision on loans. Though APR is not the only decisive factor for comparing loan options, there are many factors like adjustable rates, fees, and closing costs are also considered. To know how to find APR, one should prefer online help on Equity rates homework.

The questions which help in calculating home equity loan-

  • If amount is borrowed against home’s equity or not?
  • If yes, then which type of loan should be chosen?
  • How much to borrow?
  • If it will be a wise decision to pay off other debt using home’s equity?
  • How long it will take for the repayment of loan?

What is cost of equity?

It is a minimum rate of return which a company must receive on its equity financed portion of investment in order to keep up the market price of the equity share at the current level. The cost of equity is difficult to estimate, and that is why students need Equity rates homework help online as they often get stuck in estimating this. There are many methods for calculating the cost of equity. They are-

  • CAPM model

This is common approach to calculate the cost of equity. As per this method, the cost of equity is:

Ke = Krf+ ? (Km – Krf)

Where, Ke = cost of equity

            Krf = risk-free rate

            Km = Equity market required return (i.e., expected return)

            ? = beta

  • Bond yield plus risk premium approach

This approach is independent. In this method, a critical risk premium to the experimental yield on the long-term bonds of the firm is being added to get the cost of equity. Thus, we can represent it as-

Cost of equity = yield on long-term bonds + Risk premium

The determination of risk premium is a challenge faced by this approach. There is no way to determine such risk objectively. Thus, many analysts consider it between 2 to 6 percent. Students generally stuck here, and this gives rise to the need of expert help for Equity rates homework. There are many options available online who have best tutors to provide help in homework.

For example: if the income on debt is 10% and the risk premium at 5%, calculate the cost of equity.

Cost of equity can be calculated as follows-

0.10 + 0.05 = 0.15 or 15%

It can be understood that if the firm has high cost of debt, then it will also have risky and high cost of equity.

  • Dividend Growth Model approach

The price of an equity stock depends upon the dividends expected from it.The DGM is commonly expressed as a formula in two different forms:

Ke = (D1 / P0) + g

Or (after rearranging the formula, we get)

P0 = D1 / (Ke – g)


P0 = ex-dividend equity value today.

D1 = expected future dividend at Time 1 period later.

Ke = cost of equity per period.

g = constant periodic rate of growth in dividend from Time 1 to infinity.

This is an application of the general formula for calculating the present value of a growing perpetuity.

  • Earnings-Price Ratio approach– As per this approach, the cost of equity capital is:

Ke = E1 / P0


E1 = expected earnings per share for the next year

P0 = Current market price per share

E1 can be calculated by multiplying current EPS with 1 + growth rate of EPS.

These are the four methods which are useful in estimating cost of capital. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best method to be used to find the same. Online tutors are the best option in such case. They ensure step by step approach to the students. Students when struggle to complete their Equity rates homework, they must prefer online help.